Bill Marcy for Congress

This was the official website for Bill Marcy's 2012 run for the U.S. House to represent the 2nd Congressional District of Mississippi. Marcy was the only candidate in the March 2012 Republican primary in Mississippi's 2nd District. Leading into the general election, he received the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Allen West of Florida. He eventually lost in a three way race to the incumbent, Bennie Thompson (D). The content below is from the site's 2010-2012 archived pages.

A Message from Bill Marcy

The 2nd District needs a better tomorrow, a stepping stone to a brighter future.  While others work to set America back, we will work to take America forward.

Every day, our Government takes one more step towards encroaching on our civil liberties,  and worse yet, spending our hard earned money on policies that do not meld with our core value system.  And some of our Congressional leaders are battling for power and position within their political parties, instead of representing the constituents.

I believe that our Constitution guarantees – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Government’s job is to govern, not to restrict our prosperity as secured by natural law and the rights of the individual. 

Together, we can point our Country back to the values that our Founding Father’s envisioned.  I’m Bill Marcy, and I want to be a part of building the landscape of better education, better jobs and a better, safer life for our children.



It is insane that in America, we do not take full advantage of our own domestic energy resources. We have large oil and gas resources within our national boundaries, but, currently we are buying oil and natural gas from countries that have openly vowed to support the destruction of our Nation. We need to stop giving our money to our enemies. I will support all forms of alternate energy sources; however, these resources will take time to develop and be commonplace so in the meantime our current energy needs must be fulfilled by our national oil, natural gas and nuclear sources.

I will not allow our country to be crippled by the so called “Globe Warming Environmental Terrorists”. Like our other enemies, the environmental terrorists are not trying to protect our environment but rather “fundamentally change” our country by using an energy crisis to push their belief in a world government. This does not mean that I’m against recycling or protecting our environment, but it does mean that I’m against reducing America’s standard of living just to “provide a level playing field” between countries. America is the greatest Nation on the face of the planet and our mission should be to lead the world by finding better solutions to everyone’s energy needs.


I do not support bailing out the people and businesses that created the current economic crisis. Rewarding failure is not the American way. I do not believe in the idea that anyone or anything is “too big to fail”. Failure is often the route to innovation and innovation is the road to prosperity. About his many failures while inventing the lightbulb, Edison was quoted as saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Edison knew that failure was simply part of the price of success, as did our Founding Fathers who guaranteed all Americans the “pursuit of happiness” not it’s achievement.


The first responsibility of the Federal Government as outlined in the Constitution is to provide for the “common defense” of the Nation; a goal which requires a military force that is second to none in technology, advanced weaponry and the infrastructure to support an advanced global fighting force.

I support our troops and will assure they have the best equipment to fight our enemies. Our forces must be able to project our Nation’s power throughout the world at a moments notice. In order for our military to accomplish this mission we need a strong, effective Navy. Soon, we may face a Chinese Navy which is expanding rapidly. We must be focused not only on present threats, but working to prepare for future threats as well. September 11, 2001 was a wake-up call and the United States must never be caught unprepared again.


The United States has the best health care in the world. When was the last time you heard of someone flying to Canada or Mexico to get medical treatment? The Liberals say that health care in America is broken, but when was the last time you heard of anyone dying in the streets because they were refused medical assistance? Every hospital in the U.S. is required to treat anyone who is sick or injured without regard to their ability to pay. Liberals have framed the debate and made it about a presumed broken “health care system”. They argue that their solutions can be paid for by removing waste and fraud from Medicare; to which I say, “remove the waste and fraud from Medicare first” then you’ll have the funds to help provide insurance to those who cannot afford to pay for insurance. It is not necessary to take over 1/6th of our Nation’s economy to solve our health care problems.

A few simple things can be done without huge government bureaucracies and without spending more of money we do not have.

For example, we can guarantee insurance be portable so following a person from job to job. We can make sure insurance companies do not “cherry pick” applicants by covering only those without pre-existing conditions. We should promote Heath Care Saving Plans. We should make medical care costs transparent to the patient. We should re-engage consumers in the process by making doctor and hospital success rates available and accessible so patients can make their own decisions about their treatments. We should allow insurance companies to sell products across State lines to increase the pools of applicants and reduce insurance costs. And finally, tort reform needs to be passed as soon as possible to reduce malpractice insurance costs which have skyrocketed in the past two decades due to attorneys who file “Jackpot Injury” cases or play the game of filing of frivolous injury lawsuits in an effort to force unjustified settlements.

Government involvement in any program only increases the cost. One final question on this topic: Can you name one single government program that has ever come in on-time and under budget? If not, then why would we trust the government to take over our health care?


The tax burden on the citizens who pay taxes is abusive. Democrats have used the tax code to reward their supporters and to punish those would oppose their socialistic programs. The American citizens are willing to pay for constitutional items; such as national defense, bridges and highways, but are not willing to pay for “pork projects”.

The preamble of the constitution clearly states the federal government is limited on what tax payer’s money can be spent. I will support holding government to these constitutional limits. I believe the “Fair Tax” plan is the only fair way to fund Constitutional Government.

Big Tech

Some of these companies are just too big. As monopolies of powerful markets their sheer power to impact individuals and businesses is concerning.

Take Google, for example. I know a family member who is unable to land a decent job because the search in Google for her name reveals a shoplifting news item from 25 years ago. There has to be a way to force large tech companies to delete data, or just not expose it. Currently the only way to address a damaging search result is to pay a specialized service provider to remove the search result from Google's page 1. This service shouldn't have to exist - Google should be doing this.


What is called abortion is really the killing of unborn children. Since the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision, there have been over 45 million unborn babies killed of which 17 million of these precious lives have been minority children. This is a continuation of the Democratic/Progressive policies of the 1900s, specifically the eugenics movement which believed there were people who were unfit to live. These murderers have directed most of these killings toward minority and poor children.

There is no debate that infants in the womb are people. We need to protect the lives of the unborn.


My immigration policy is very simple. If you come into this country illegally, you must go home. Legal immigration has always been good for America. But, our policy which allows the freeflow of immigration through un-controlled borders is a danger to the national defense of America.

Not only do illegal immigrants come across our borders, but it has already been proven that terrorists have crossed our border with Mexico on more than one occasion. It is only a matter of time until terrorists use our lack of border control to attack us. Southern border states have been fighting hard against the drug kingpins who are flooding their streets with drugs and crime; their fight is made infinitely harder with our open border polices. We do not need more laws against illegal immigration; we simply need to enforce the laws we already have on the books. Homeland Security starts with secure borders.

Although I was born in Mississippi, I grew up as an military brat staying in various states as my father's posting lead us from Virginia, to Alaska, to Rhode Island, and then finally Annapolis. I now live in New York City having just recently moved via a great local Annapolis moving company. It was the first time since college that I moved with real to goodness professional movers. It had always been myself and friends helping. I am now spoiled. I guess one always expects some glitches in a move, but mine went so smoothly. I still have a lot of family in Mississippi. Politically, we are all over the place ,but my grandparents are staunch conservative Republicans and proud of it. My parent's generation is pretty mixed both Republican and Democratic. My generation of cousins also sit from both sides of the political aisle. Me, I am probably the farthest left and the most progressive along with my siblings. We hang far out on a long branch of the family tree. I remember visiting my grandparents when I was in college. I came down to Mississippi in my hip, cool clothes that were so NYC lower east side. I wore several studded choker collar necklaces, had a couple of piercings, and sported a tattoo on my arm and neck. Dressed in shades of gothic black and grey, I certainly stuck out down in Mississippi. I remember my grandmother giving me the slow glance that traveled from the top of my short boy cut hair, down to my scuffy motor cycle boots. She didn't say a word, but gave me a warm and welcoming hug. Jump ahead to the present day, I know my grandparents supported Bill Marcy in 2012 and Trump in 2016. My clothing is still predominantly in grays and blacks. The tattoos have been added to, and my choker collar shave become more sophisticated. I'm still me with my liberal leanings, but when I see my now very elderly grandparents it doesn't matter. We all love one another. Family first. We just don't discuss politics!